Do You Know What A Backlink Is?



One of the most important aspects of building link popularity is backlinks. You will need backlinks to increase your page rank within the search engines. Your website cannot be searched and indexed by the search engines without backlinks. If you want your site suggested to users by the search engines you must have backlinks.

A huge part of the success of a website will rely greatly on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The search engines judge a site's popularity based on its rankings. The search engines will see the site as more important the higher its popularity rank is. Search engines use many different methods for ranking a website.

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects search engines look at when ranking the site.

Backlinks are linked from other websites to your website. The number of backlinks your website has will determine its popularity and importance. A backlink is just another website placing a link to your website on their own website that will direct traffic to your site when it is clicked One backlink is considered one vote for your site, the more you have the higher ranking your site will receive.

Google uses a PR number to rate the popularity of your site, the higher the number the better. To be able to get your PR number increased you have to start accumulating backlinks to your website. Other search engines may not find the backlinks as important but they are still used to rate the importance of your website. Your site will need high-quality content as well as good incoming links in order to rank well.

Page rankings will be refreshed every three months by Google. Lots of website starts with 0 Page Rank (PR) during the previous update. If you are checking your incoming links and find a page that has a PR0 that is linked to your page, go to the homepage. Certain times the subpages are newly created but the index page will have a high PR ranking already.

Most new sites will have to wait for three months in order to be assigned a PR by Google. This gives new webmasters time to obtain backlinks and create the correct anchor text for their sites and to obtain the right anchor text for their web pages. If you have backlinks they have to be on the subject to your site. One way links are considered the best type of backlinks to your website.

To avoid undesired or irrelevant traffic avoid having backlinks that do not closely match your site's topic. You might want to be careful not to become associated with backlink programs in the so-called bad part of town. If you are linked to a less than desirable it can destroy your SEO rankings. It is advisable not to link from spam sites and sites which are considered inappropriate.

Backlinks will bring traffic to your webpage. You want to make sure that the traffic is good and relevant to what your site is about. If you can locate sites that have a high PR to link to your page it will increase your chances or getting noticed as well as create more link popularity with the search engines.


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